House Fairy wanted

Zürich 8187 Weiach besetzt

Family with three active kids is looking for you

Dear Nannies

We are a family with three active kids of ages: girl soon 11y.o., boy 5y.o., boy soon 3y.o. We live in a 5,5-room duplex attic apartment with two bathrooms on 2nd floor.

We are looking a loving, active, nonsmoker Fairy as a:

NANNY. 2 afternoons(13:30-17:30) a week.
Going to a playground or taking to a walk, crafting, playing, reading books, teaching tidying up toys.

HOUSEKEEPER. 2-3 hours a week. Preferably Monday mornings, but variable.
Tidying up & vacuuming the appartment, cleaning bathrooms, cooking.

Salary chf 500.- per month or chf 110.- per week.

Languages: german or/and english or/and turkish, maybe russian or french too. any religion, nationality is welcome.

This is till we find a suitable full-time live-in fairy as a nanny-housekeeper.

Family in 8187 Weiach

Schlagwörter: Nanny, Nannyjob, Housekeeper, Household, 8187 Weiach, Zürich

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  • In: Zürich
  • Ort: 8187 Weiach
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