Live-In Nanny for 20-month baby in Walchwil, Zug

Zug 6318 Walchwil 80% besetzt

Family with 20 months old daughter

We are a professional family living in Walchwil, Zug. We have one daughter who is currently 20 months old. The father works full-time and the mother works part-time. We are looking for a live-in nanny who can work 60%-80% with the possibility of increasing this to 100% next year. The duties will involve cooking small meals for the baby, feeding her, playing with her, putting her for a nap, doing her laundry, keeping her room tidy etc. There is no housework involved as we have a cleaner that comes twice a week.

We are looking for a warm-hearted, patient, and reliable nanny. We are open to all nationalities. We have worked with British, French and Filipino nannies in the past. Happy to discuss this further and look forward to welcoming someone suitable to our small, loving family.

Schlagwörter: Live-in Nanny Zug Walchwil

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  • Job: Nr. 847
  • Pensum: 80%
  • In: Zug
  • Ort: 6318 Walchwil
  • Lohn: nach Vereinbarung